Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skyrim: My Rogue Class

The interesting thing about the rogue class is its versatility. I found out that the armor cap in the game is 567, and this can be reached with light armor in the endgame. This means that (in my opinion at least) light armor has a huge advantage over heavy armor. While light armor can do everything that heavy armor can, heavy armor can't sneak as well. This means that a light armored character can join any faction and do well, but a heavily armored character will struggle more with the thieve's guild and assassin's guild.

   This spec takes level 60 to get, so you'll have a few extra points to spend at endgame.
   Below is the spec I chose, and the reasoning behind them:

Light Armor: We have to get these light armor perks in order to reach the armor cap
   Agile Defender: Take all five of these to get a 100% boost to armor rating
   Custom Fit: Another 25% bonus to armor rating
   Matching Set: Yet another 25% bonus to armor rating
   Deft Movement: 10% less damage in melee is effectively 10% more health

Pickpocket: You'll be doing some of this for the thieves' guild, and it has the huge benefits of adding 100 to your carrying limit
   Light Fingers: The spec says to take all five ranks for a pickpocket bonus of 100%. However, it is possible to reach the pickpocket cap of a 90% chance to pickpocket well before taking all five ranks. This ability is more of a "starter" to help you level up your pickpocketing. If you are patient, only take one or two ranks, then spend the extra points later.
   Nightthief: Just a perk that helps somewhat, but is really used to get the higher perks.
   Cutpurse: Again, used as a bonus to get gold, but not exactly necessary if you're patient.
   Extra Pockets: This is the bread and butter of the tree right here. 100 more carrying capacity means much fewer trips to unload your inventory.

Sneak: The reason for taking perks in this tree should be obvious. As a rogue, you'll need to be unseen for many of your assassin/theft missions.
   Stealth: Take all five ranks for a 40% bonus to sneaking.
   Backstab: 6x sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons will greatly increase your ability to accomplish assassinations.
   Deadly Aim: 3x sneak attack damage with bows. A great thing, and allows us to get:
   Assassin's Blade: 15x sneak attack damage with daggers. Combine this with the assassin's guild gloves for a 30x sneak attack with daggers. Instant kills most of the time.
   ---If you find yourself still getting caught while sneaking, put a point into Muffled Movement. This generally isn't necessary though.

One Handed: As you will be using daggers to kill, you want some bonuses to one-handed. This will help you in "toe-to-toe" combat as well.
   Armsman: Take all 5 for a 100% bonus to damage with one handers
   Bladesman: Take all three for the maximum critical chance with swords

Archery: Why sneak up to a target's back when you can kill him and still remain hidden from his friends? I've used archery to take out groups of people. Kill one, hide, then kill the others.
   Overdraw: Take all 5 for a 100% bonus to bow damage.
   Critical Shot: Take all 3 for the maximum critical chance with bows.
   ----optional (included in the total for level above)
   Eagle Eye: Zoom in while firing a bow to improve accuracy.
   Steady Hand: Slow down time while zooming for even greater accuracy.
   Hunter's Discipline: Retrieve more arrows from dead bodies means not losing your valuable ones.

Enchanting: Enchanting is such an important tree that I include it in all my class builds.
   Enchanter: Take all 5 to make your enchantments 100% stronger
   Soul Squeezer: A pretty good perk until you get:
   Soul Siphon: This will make it so you don't have to ever recharge your weapons. You'll be fighting enough creatures in the game to keep them recharged automatically.
   Frost/Fire/Storm Enchnter: These  perks make your resistance enchantments more resistant.
   Extra Effect: Why only put one enchantment on an item, when you can put two?

Alchemy: Stonger potions and poisons will help you out greatly, as well as make you some more coin.
   Alchemist: Take all 5 ranks to make your potions 100% stronger.
   --- Optional (not included in level total)
   Take any that you think you will use.

Smithing: In order to reach the level cap, you need to be able to improve your armor's rating. Also, you can make armors to make money with extra materials you have.
    Basically, take all the perks from the left side (including Dragon) plus Arcane Blacksmith. This will allow you to create all the light armors. If you want, with extra points, put perks in the right side, to make armor from extra materials and make money.

At endgame, you are going to feel overpowered. Enjoy your rogue!

   - Sapper Woody

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